Brain Box Grant Services provides grant writing, management, training, and grant source research for Law Enforcement Agencies,  Nonprofits, Public Agencies and Selected Businesses throughout the United States. We have been writing since 2006 and have written well north of a million dollars in funded grants. We know that successful writing requires creativity and an understanding of the fine details. That's why our motto says, "The smallest things make the biggest difference."

Our experience allows us to dig deep and go the extra mile to give our clients a unique and successful product.  In most cases, our turn-key approach means our clients only have to give us a general direction and we do all the rest. 


First Contact

If a foundation publishes their phone number or email address, we’ll contact them to make sure you are a good fit and to clarify any questions we have. Some funders specifically say, “Don’t contact us,” so of course we’ll honor that request when necessary.


This is the bulk of the work of a grant writer. We’ll interview the key people involved in the project. We’ll ask lots of questions to gain a full understanding of the project, and we’ll do some research about the problem(s) the project solves.

Write & Submit

Once we have all the details, we’ll put together the application material the funder requests. This may be a short letter, an online application, or a multi-page narrative, etc. It’s important that our client reads over this product when we’re finished, makes any changes, and approves it before submission.

Follow Up

This step may involve following up with the funder after a rejection, providing the funder with more information if needed, or writing a grant report after money is awarded. We’ll discuss with our clients how to best handle these tasks when they arise.

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